The world faces a looming and potentially environmental crisis, with demand for air conditioning and refrigeration growing so fast that all other efforts we made to target global warming are becoming insignificant.

Most people tend to think of energy in terms of heat, light and transport, but more and more is going to be about cooling. The demand of cooling is already huge and growing fast, worldwide power consumption for air conditioning alone is forecast to surge 33-fold by 2100 as developing world incomes rise and urbanization advances.

Adapting Radiant Cooling is essential and enabling other benefits to make our life more sustainable.


Enables mean radiant temperature in the conditioned space to act directly on the body without the intermediate stage of cooling the room air, thus provides better controllability of air velocity and humidity

Acoustic Performance

Operates quietly, there are no irritating or disturbing background noises from high air velocity in ducts, from air grills and fans

Clean and Healthy

Allowing for air flow rates on hygienic ventilation level, hardly raising any dusts, it is the perfect cooling system for people suffering from allergies

Architectural Design Freedom

More usable floor and wall space available because radiant cooling is installed invisible in building components. The need for less air grills lead to a seamless interior design of the suspended ceiling

Adaptable Easy to Install

Radiant cooling systems are easy to install, adaptable to a variety of energy sources and enable the use of PV systems on the building footprint by allowing for low electricity demand

Low Operation Cost

Hydronic radiant cooling systems reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, increase chiller plant efficiency and reduce maintenance cost for the entire cooling systems to almost zero

Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly

A decrease of inefficient fans to remove cooling loads and the higher supply water temperatures allow for more environmentally friendly cooling systems and a quick return of investment